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    How can I get my site to show up in search?

    Date: Dec 23, 2023
    Author: Paul Wolke
    Filed under: Design

    Clients often ask why their website doesn’t show up when they search for it. This article was written to cover those topics that come up.

    Google (and others) reward those websites that share what they know by placing your website higher in a search results page.

    What does this mean? It’s imperative to get the information you want your visitors to know about you woven into every aspect of your website’s content. The more information you share, the more you’re viewed (by Google and others) as the “master of your domain”.

    Some things take time

    If your website is new (new domain name, new content), it can take a while before Google finds the value in it. Other websites that share the same or similar information as your content will generally rank higher because they’ve been around longer, and have lots of other content that is already ranked in Google.

    So, how do you fix this?

    A proven way to do this is content, content, content! The more information you can share, the better. More specifically, the more information you can share that is relevant to what you “expect” your visitors to be searching for is key. Hence, KEYWORDS in your copy can be used to strategically elevate your results when people search for those terms. If the terms people are searching for are not on your website, your website pages cannot be considered a valid search result.

    How do I add content to my website?

    There are effective non-paid solutions to get your site ranked higher in Google.

    • Implement a blog on your website and add content to it regularly.
    • Keep information updated on your site.

    Additional things that will help are:

    • Links from other websites back to your website, called backlinks, should be from credible sources.
    • Ensure your website code and content is well-formed and accessible to all types of visitors.

    You could also engage in paid advertising

    This practice is commonly used to forcefully put your website at the top of search result pages as a paid search result. This is an entirely new conversation.

    Some helpful resources

    Some additional articles that go in to greater depth on the basics of search, and then some: