Graphic Design & Photography

Graphic design services for electronic media and print. Product and commercial photography.

There's no doubt we're inundated with imagery at every turn. Each day we make decisions on design elements to compete in that visual symphony.

Design Services
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Web Design & Development

UX & UI design for mobile first websites.

A website is the gateway to all your information. It's a dance of design and organization held together by technology. This balance of look and feel its functionality are a critical component in how you communicate in a digital world today.

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Music Composition & Audio Production

Audio, SFX, and Music Composition.

The right sound along with your eye-catching visual draw a viewer in like nothing else. Whether it's a product information video or a corporate presentation, a video immersive sound has the power to engage intimately with your audience.

Audio Production • Custom Music & Sound Effects • Video Effects

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The smallest pieces of what we see and what we hear are made of pixels (or dots) and waves. En mass, these building blocks of visual and auditory information are what communicates your vision to your audience.

Okay, let's not get too technical here.

Graphic design, website design, commercial photography, music composition, and audio/video production are the services that PIxels & Waves renders. Our aim is to be the creative glue that holds it all together. We want to provide a consistent message, whether it be in a banner ad, a trade show sign, a new website, or the end credits and trailer music on a promotional video. You don't need to think about the technical bits and pieces.

Let Pixels & Waves be a part of your next project.

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