This site has a new design. We can thank the extra time provided by our state-wide "stay-at-home" order. I'm not complaining — I'm quite grateful for this extra time and ability to reflect on things a little differently.

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dark photo of a man playing a string instrument like a guitar.

Tune Your Guitar, People!

April 29, 2020

Some thoughts and practices on tuning your guitar.

Combatting Red Light Syndrome

March 28, 2020

That moment the red record light illuminates and you suddenly forget what to play.

Small home studio in a city apartment
screenshot of a Logic Prox Recording session


March 25, 2020

An mix of thick analog and digital pads, plucky melodies, electric guitars and drums.

My Three Shot Rule

March 24, 2020

Another way to add some inspiration to your picture taking.

outstreched arm holding a camera
Small wooden cabin with a green roof


April 27, 2019

Getting away is good for the soul. It also makes for good music.

Music Production

One of the primary focuses of this site is on music and audio production. Music that I've written, tips and tricks on different recording techniques, tools of the trade, and various bites of inspiration for creating.

Photo credit: Jiroe


Digital photography, editing and retouching have long been my list of "things I love". I am currently a contributor to the Unsplash community. A truly unique place for high quality images avaialable for free. Here are a few examples of

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