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    Argument for Design

    Date: Dec 20, 2020
    Author: Paul Wolke
    Filed under: Design

    Re-written in Decemeber 2023

    Have you ever heard the saying “Good, fast, cheap - pick any two”? It applies to just about everything, and design is no exception. You can have a gorgeous design done quickly, but it’ll cost extra pizzazz. You can snag a bargain, but it might take a little longer to get your dream design whipped up. And sometimes, speedy results with fancy new tools can feel a bit… cookie-cutter, you know?

    Here’s the thing

    …designing is like creating a delicious (and beautiful!) dish. It takes time, skill, and sometimes a few special ingredients. Just like a seasoned chef can craft magic with their trusty tools, experienced designers know how to wrangle the same software you and I do into masterpieces. Sure, fancy new gadgets can offer quick fixes, but they often limit your creative freedom. Imagine sticking pre-made flowers onto your cake instead of piping them yourself – a bit too predictable, right?

    Speaking of costs

    …it’s all relative. Early-career designers, like budding chefs perfecting their soufflé, might charge less. But their inexperience can sometimes mean more time spent in the kitchen (design studio), or the end result maybe isn’t quite Michelin-star level. On the other hand, seasoned pros whip up stunning creations (think soufflés that rise like magic!) fast, but their expertise comes with a higher price tag.

    The good news?

    Both options have their benefits. Supporting rising stars helps them hone their skills, and sometimes their fresh perspective can lead to unexpected (and delicious!) design surprises. Conversely, hiring a seasoned pro ensures a smooth, efficient process and a guaranteed top-notch result.

    Ultimately, it’s about finding the sweet spot that works for you. Think about your budget, timeline, and what kind of design magic you’re craving. And hey, don’t forget the power of connection! A designer who truly understands your vision can work wonders, saving time and revisions in the long run.

    So, the next time you need a design fix, remember – it’s not just about picking two out of “good, fast, cheap.” It’s about finding the perfect blend of ingredients, skills, and connection to create something truly special. Now go forth and design your dreams!