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Contracting a creative individual or company (designer, developer, photographer, musician, artist, etc.) is an experience rooted in a shared understanding of the story that needs to be told.

Based in Washington, NJ, Pixels & Waves LLC is a design company that offers services in graphic design, commercial photography, web design, audio production, and music composition.

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Using modern technologies to create something that didn’t exist before is a beautiful blend of tech and art.


I’m Paul Wolke, owner/operator of PIXELS & WAVES LLC. I’ve been designing for electronic media and print, building websites, taking pictures, and making music for over 20 years. Over that time, I’ve worked in corporate environments, small businesses, for individuals, and some entities that I’m not really sure how to categorize. But they all have shaped what I understand to be “good design,” “good ethics,” and “good business.” I take with me those experiences to build on this next chapter in my design career.

How can Pixels & Waves help you

For a free assessment of your exisiting work or a free consultation and quote on new projects, call directly at (908) 617-1212 or use the form below.

The Process

So, how does this all work? Every project starts with a (free) consultation. The reason for this is to get a clear understanding of your needs and expectations. From here a proposal is created in which all parties will agree to.

The terms of a contract

Once all parties review and agree to the terms presented in the proposal, Pixels & Waves will generate a contract to be signed. Most projects require a 50% deposit prior to starting the work and 50% due at the final delivery. Projects with complex timelines or special conditions can have deposits and payments broken into terms that are agreed to in a contract.

Concept, Execution, and Revision

Whether it's a project for branding, a website, product photography, or a combination of things, there are three core areas of the project timeline. Each of these steps are a collaborative experience between the client and Pixels & Waves.


This is where ideas come to life. The elements that make up a visual identity, or the styling that brings to life commercial imagery, etc. Concepts move forward, get discussed and vetted.


This is the meat of the project. For example, photography and retouching on a commercial imagery project, or the web programming and visual development on a website. This can often have the longest timeline.


This is the point where the outcome “becomes a thing” that is seen and heard versus just being a discussion and a sketch. A final account of tweaks and updates closes the books here.

The lines between these areas will blur and some projects may require an additional scope of work added to the timeline. For example, website maintenance and hosting would be an ongoing service once the primary work is done. These types of issues are addressed on a project by project basis and are included in the scope of work outlined in a contract.

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