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... and by Paul Wolke. Paul has been working in the creative and technical fields of graphic design, web design, photography, and music for over 20 years. His experience began in the '90s with Crestron Control Systems, solving technical issues with creative tools. Since then, he's worked with companies like M&M'S, Mars, and Dove finding beautiful solutions to problems for everything from e-learning to e-commerce. Rooted in integrity, Paul continues to consult and produce with PIXELS & WAVES LLC. A cornerstone value of his business is to ensure that the right technologies are used to solve a problem.

The Process

It would be wonderful if everything happened with a snap of a finger. The truth is, to make a beautiful website, a killer logo, or an amazing photo, it takes time. That time is spent curating conversations to learn about your business, your brand, and the goals of your project.

Each successful project follows a standard series of events from concept, through revisions, on to a final product. Constant communiuation throughout each step is just as critical as the work itself.

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