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Blog Posted on Sep. 1, 2020 in Website development by The Person Building This Website

Website Tools

The HTML, CSS, and JS code was edited in VS Code and compiled in Hugo. VS Code from Micorsoft has very quickly become the defacto standard for writing code for websites. It’s effective at text edting for static sites, JS Framework sites, or even one-off editing of files for a WordPress theme. Hugo is a popular Static Site generator that makes building sites fast and fun.

Imagery Tools

Adobe Photoshop is my go-to image editor. There are plenty of alternatives that are available at a lower cost (or sometimes free). But when you’ve been editing in this program for 20+ years like I have, you just know how to use it. Adobe Illlustrator is another standard in the graphics industry. The more years I spend working in Illustrator, the more I appreciate it’s power and depth. If someone were to ask what single piece of software I was allowed to bring on a stranded islnd, Illustrator would beat out Photoshop… but not by too much.

I use ImageOptim for image optimization on the Mac. This is a free-ware program that has been part of my arsenal for years. It does an amazing job at reducing the physical file size of an image while maintaining a quality visual representation. They also offer a web service for image compression.

Copy Editing

There are a bunch of grammar tools available on the net today. I use a combination of Grammarly and I believe that grammar tools are a welcome addition to any writing arsenal.

Project Management is an amazingly powerful workspace tool. Easily accessible and usable across desktop and mobile, this agile app makes it easy to manage timelines, todo’s, and assign tasks. It can get deep, too. There are database features that bring to life relational data, milestones and timelines, and – well, there are new features coming out all the time. For most users, the “free tier” offers plenty of flexibility. Power users and organizations can get some extra bells and whistles with paid versions.


Hosting for this site provided by Netlify, quite possibly the most flexible web host available today. It continuously deploys from Github, Gitlab, or Bitbucket repositories. Server-less functions, analytics at the DNS level provides a clearer picture of website visitors, and instant web forms make for easy.

When it comes to your website, these tools should be a consideration. Reach out to find out what we can do for you.

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